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BFTA Technical Skills Manual

Updated and extended versions of the well-known BFTA Field Target Manuals (Scope Setup and Technical Skills), added new photos and content.

© Wayne K. Hudson, © BFTA & NSRA

Ten years ago, the British Field Target Association had released two instruction manuals for novice shooters, about rifle scope settings and shooting techniques.

I have updated them with additions to the original text, wrote some new chapters and added many pictures. The new versions became official Training Resources of the BFTA, and I decided to share them with all the FT shooters in the world, managing translations to other languages.

The Updated BFTA Manuals is an international project already; many fellow shooters from all around the World are working on the translations to their own languages.

Check out the links below  on Scope Setup Manual & Technical Skills Manual

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Technical Skills Manual