Mid Ulster Air Rifle Club

Cottagequinn Wood Easter Classic 2019

Sunday 21st April and Monday 22nd April

Sign in from 10am Start 11am

Each competitor will be required to shoot 4 challenging racks of targets in sequence and within 2 ½ minutes followed by a 20 lane target course timed at 2 minutes per lane.

Your best score from either day will count so you can compete on either or both days and still have a chance to win.

The Easter Classic is open to Mid Ulster Air Rifle Club Members and invited guests for all levels of shooter and  both FT and HFT competitors.

2019 Summer league

All competitors please note: There will be a change of schedule for the May ,June and July summer league shoots.

In order to accommodate attendance to the Game Fairs, the league shoots will be held on the 3rd Sunday of the month as opposed to the 4th Sunday. August and September shoots will return to the last Sunday of the month as usual.

Sorry folks but the first summer league shoot will be the 28th April not the 20th.

N I Field Target Competitions

Month Winter League

October 2018 28th MUARC

November 2018 25th MUARC

December 2018 30th Dec MUARC

January 2019 27th MUARC

February 2019 24th MUARC

March 2019 31st MUARC

Summer League

April 2018 29th MUARC

May 2018 27th MUARC

June 2018 24th MUARC

JULY 2018 29th MUARC

August 2018 26th MUARC

September 2018 30th MUARC